Thursday, April 30, 2009


now im at home...
finally meeting my family..
wht an ease of mind after struggling for the final exam...fuuhh..

im going to have lots and pots of fun during this holiday coz i deserved it...( cheh..mcm la study kuat sgt..kuang3)
alhamdulillah for my result..but i know i can improve more..
welcoming myself to the 3rd year program...
CARDIO system is waiting for me...woo~

Monday, April 20, 2009

luahan perasan ku~’s april oredy…times do fly fast huh??? Well…I juz finish my final exams…but one last thing though…remed OSCE…fuhh…in this juz wanna tell u wht I felt for this recent exam…for the MDE HIS and COmPRE of HIS and DMS…I didn’t try to say it was easy but most of it came from the past years question…so I can say that I did answers all the question happily…though some parts I did some stupid voodoo practice to choose the answer…hahahahaha and that is of coz CRP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t know when exactly im gonna plant this ‘ilmu’ at any side of my brilliant brain…. For SOCA….gladly saying tha I got a B++…case was about atopic dermatitis..this the hard part..we never thought we got this case because we really didn’t have the case during the study period… so, bonus point towards those who really mastered the basic science in the case which are immune system especially humoral immunity… hypersensitivity….allergy…. atopic… and of coz skin… and minus point to those who don’t!! like me!!!!!!!! Hehehehe my fault is that I didn’t really mastered those immune regulation…interleukin…whtsoever not….huhuhu during my presentation….i finished 5 mins earlier…so the examiners have time to asked me lots and pots of question based on the case…unfortunately as I said before I didn’t really mastered immune system so most of it I answered wrongly…shamed on me… so instead of getting an A..because of the 5 mins pop quiz, I got a B…. but I didn’t felt angry at all towards the examiners because form the root itself you can see that is was my own fault…. Next came OSCE… it suck to be the first group to go…with SOCA dat juz finish the day before…honestly I didn’t studied well… of coz la…get back form SOCA, I slept the whole evening… at night, I tried my best to stuff all the skills up to my excellent brain….hahahaha my fisrt station was PE of malignancy…specifically hepatosplenomegaly exam…with the great Dr. Lelani (im not sure if I get her name correctly or not…xp) got scolded by her coz I didn’t followed the flow from the book… well…I juz did wht I practiced during the class plus nervousness… I messed up…but then she told me wht I did wrongly and asked me to re do it…in the correct ways.. I was like, there goes my first station… I was so sure that Im gonna failed… of coz I redo it correctly afterward but then you’ll never know…. Starting from that all the other stations sucks oso… furthermore, HAdi got messed up and he went into my station instead of his own… I didn’t get mad at him becoz according to arrangement of the stations, who wouldn’t get messed up… the adrenaline rush could coz you to be blind for a while…hahaha so, end up, both of us finish late compared to the others… right after the exams..i went out feeling so terrible… never in my life I felt at such after an exam… I saw farah cried and it coz me to shed my tears oso…we went out and cried together… at that time time, I really thought im gonna failed 12 from 15 station… and the station that I felt confident of passing it with flying colors are PE spine, dermato exam and lastly the rest station which I got 3 instead of one…hahahaha the admin told us that the result will be out at 4 pm that same evening,,,so, we went back home first… juz got my pendrive back from noi.. wht do you expect from it???? Of coz la it is all about KAT-TUN!!!!!!!!!!! Hahaha I spend the afternoon watching it all…which put me in a quite happy mood…laughing and all… at 3 pm… farah,syudud and me went to FK to see the result..anim stayed there coz she was In the 2nd group and juz finished… we were so nervous… I was ready to see so many black boxes in my results…. But it come to my shock that instead of 12, I only failed for 3 station which are suturing due to unsterile procedure (lipat lengan baju and don’t touch the sterile drap), debridement due to me being stupid enough to misinterpret the Qs for wound toilet and lastly PE for paedetric allergy due to blankness coz I went into this station after all the confusion that occur due to wrong station accident… so, tomorrow I will have practice on the station that I failed and the day after I will have the remedial exam… all the best for me…. U can do it girl…. One last shot to welcome the 3rd year…. ^_^

p/s: dis was written on 12th of April ye...