Thursday, June 25, 2009

why they are so clever???

penah terpikir x knape la mostly all the leading company or association etc. are ruled by the Jewish people...jealous?? envy?? i found and interesting article from my fren's blog about a doctor who did a thesis on the jewish people...wht makes them so intelligent... read it here...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

belajar la wey!!!!!

semalam Dr.Y msuk group tutor 1...gantikan sape ntah..
disebabkan kami dah abis bincang case heart failure and yg tinggal cuma BHP shj..jadi Doc decide utk wat pop quiz!!!!...huhuhuhu alamak kantoi... jd kami yg genius2 itu menjawab la quiz itu dgn penuh keyakinan...mostly about physiology of Heart Failure coz Doc from physio department...berasap kejap kpale xpe la...slh sendiri..sape sruh x study..

doc ade cte pasal kesilapan die time bertugas kt ER of neurosurgeon...

patient's condition: - mild head injury
-high fever

cepat diagnose!!!! kalu ikut symptom of coz kite ingat yg die ade infection kn?? dats wht Dr.Y thought too...die pun admin la ubat yg ade antipyretic, analgesic and all...utk kurangkn fever tue...BUT!!! drug tu ade gak bronchoconstrictor effect...patient itu dah pun ade wheezing...dan akhirnye...patient itu meninggal dunia...after further diagnose..rupe2nye head injury itu tlh merosakkan thermo regulator kt medula oblongata..itu la yg menyebabkan high fever...(ever thought of it ??) patient (wife n 2 kids) dtg ke hosp to thank Dr.Y kerana tlh berusaha sehabis baik utk slmtkan husband die...well..dats wht they thought.. but like Doc said..hanye die yg tahu perkara sebenar... (n of coz la kitorang..sbb Doc dah cte...huhu)
it was so heartbreaking coz the wife oso asked her children to say thank you to Dr.Y..

the moral of the story is...belajar la wahai medical students sekalian... to avoid those kind of mistake...patient's life depends on us...peringatan ini utk sumer kengkawan and of coz myself..Ciao!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Stop talking crap la…

I here as a medical student from the TWP ukm-unpad juz wanna say to our dearest lectures, stop talking craps during the academic hours!!!!!! I bet all of my frens oredy become sick upon hearing the same craps coming out from the doctors about Malaysia-Indonesia conflicts….stop it could you..i do hope they’ll read this post… ever since from the beginning, some of them (not all ok..) keep asking us about the behaviour of us Malaysians… how we treat Indonesians that works in our country…how they were treated differently at the airport compare to other foreigners.. and the latest one was about MANOHARA (not sure if I get the name right..huhu)

FYI their doctors, we came to class every morning to receive knowledge from u guys……teach us things that we suppose to learn…talk to us about subject learned during that particular hour..not things that were WAY outside the academic area….we even pay you (dats the most important !!) n starting a session with talking craps, do you ever think how it make us felt??? Im so sorry for writing this…I juz wanted you you guys to be professional..( which is wht u should do from the beginning..) I didn’t mean that you should be so damn serious in each classes because u know how us (TWP 07) behaved…we are playful but when we want to learn, we know our limits…if u want to make a joke, joke about sumthing else…

If u r so busy thinking how your people were being treated in Malaysia, go there…see it for yourself!!!! then only u’ll know the real deal on everythings!!!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

NeW Sem...same Faces...New advenTures....

HOLa...sashiburi ne.....hehe
susahnye la ble kt umah xde internet...woo~ so here I am....3rd year medical Student...ececeh...I know la it's a bit late since we oredy started for 2 weeks now...dah msuk CVS nie...somehow, so far everything's fine la...blomlg smpai mase dmana rmbut2 di kpale ni rase cm nak tercabut sbb tension...hahaha (i hope not!!!)
new members in my tutorial group.... LUTFI,NADDU,LOKMAN,HUDA,NANA,FUN,FAIN AND ME!!!!! enjoy having discussion with them so fr.. sumer nye sengal2....and the most 'sengalest' of them all is the trio...teka2 la sape ye...x pun sedar la diri sndirik tue..hahahaha so people,hoping that we can help each other thru out dis sem...yoroshikun onegaishimasu!!!!
oredy planning nak g jalan mane la plak kali nie...(pergh...bkn nak rncang for study...ish3..) smalam siap wat list lagi...dah la mostly tmpt mkn plak tue...kuang3 idop utk mkn ke mkn utk idop??!!! lu pikir la sndirik yek....wee....

dats all for now i guess....x mmpu nak berfikir...CC nie is so damn hot...wooo~