Thursday, May 21, 2009


some of my TWP's frenzy complained about our 1 month holiday, how bored they are and how dull it was for a medical students,having so many free time make us become quite awkward..(ye ke???wink*) well, unfortunately, i felt the happy to be at home with my juz that i want to go somewhere or anywhere..doing something...not juz 'lazying' around at my house... besides being a COUCH POTATO, hibernating, and etc... FYI, i did the house chores ok??!! juz to clear up ur thought about me as being the ultimate lazybum in the universe....haha but u know mom need to yell at me or start her sarcasm, then only i'll get into action...sowie ye mak...^_^ but when im in the mood to be the 'Maid of The Day', our house will be clean, neat, all folded clothes went into each closets, no dirty dishes in the sink..except for the cooking part... i leave it to mum so that my siblings won't be starving when the get back from schools...
i want to meet my besties..sheila,kay,ili,amer.... miss them so always fun to hang out with them..bcoz it seems that i didn't usually get to hang out with my friends here in Malaysia..mane x nye...sumer jauh2..mostly in N9 of coz.. wht else i want to do?? erm..let see... go to the beach.. basically i want to go for vacation with my family..too bad that school's holiday only start right after i went back to Indonesia...pity me....T_T
but perhaps i shouldn't think so much on things i couldn't do and instead enjoy everything that i could it goes...firstly,fight with my siblings, play with my cats(there are 9 of them.hehe), mkn mskn mak yg of coz the best in MY world..haha gotong-royong bersihkan laman rumah(dis only happen when abah is at home..fuhh..), surfing the net until i don't even know wht else to d/load or anything, watching DVDs that i 'borong' b4 going back to Msia...many other small2 things..i don't want to write it here..u'll get bored...haha dat's all i guess...

p/s: lame sgt cuti, membuatkan otak saye berkarat... woo~

Friday, May 15, 2009

a story to tell...

Maryam, guru kelas Tadika menganjurkan satu permainan yang sungguh menarik untuk murid-muridnya. Setiap murid diminta membawa beg plastik yang berisi pisang yang tertulis nama orang yang paling mereka benci ke kelas pada esok hari. Jadi, jumlah pisang yang perlu dibawa bergantung kepada jumlah orang yang dibenci.

Keesokan harinya, setiap murid membawa beg plastic berisi pisang masing-masing. Ada yang membawa tiga biji, ada juga lima biji dan paling banyak lapan biji. Semuanya sudah ditulis nama orang yang paling mereka benci.

"Sekarang simpan pisang tu. Jangan lupa bawa ke mana sahaja kamu pergi selama seminggu. Inilah permainannya. Selepas seminggu, kita akan tahu keputusannya" beritahu Cikgu Maryam. Kanak-kanak tersebut menyimpan pisang masing-masing di dalam beg.

Hari demi hari berlalu, pisang tersebut mula berbintik-bintik dan akhirnya menjadi busuk . Kanak-kanak itu mula merungut dan marah. Mereka tidak menyukai permainan itu lagi kerana selain beg berat, badan berbau busuk. Ada yang menangis, enggan meneruskan permainan.

Seminggu berlalu, pagi-pagi lagi murid-murid Maryam sudah bersorak. Permainan sudah tamat. Tidak ada lagi beban dan bau busuk yang perlu dibawa.

"Okey semua, apa rasanya bawa pisang dalam beg ke sana ke mari selama seminggu?" tanya Cikgu Mayam. Semuanya serentak mengatakan mereka benci permainan itu. Mereka hilang kawan, sering diejek dan terpinggir. Lebih teruk lagi, terpaksa tidur, makan, mandi, bermain dan menonton TV dengan bau busuk.

"Itulah sebenarnya yang berlaku kalau kita simpan perasaan benci pada orang lain dalam hati. Bau busuk kebencian itu akan mencemari hati dan kita akan membawanya ke mana saja kita pergi. Jika kamu sendiri tidak boleh tahan dengan bau pisang busuk hanya untuk seminggu, cuba bayangkan apa akan jadi kalau kamu simpan kebencian sepanjang hidup kamu" beritahu Cikgu Maryam.

Maryam mengingatkan anak muridnya supaya membuang jauh-jauh perasaan benci daripada membebani hidup. Kemaafan adalah yang terbaik. Menyayangi lebih baik darpada membenci. Moralnya, jangan letak pisang dalam beg. Jangan simpan kebencian, dendam kesumat dan apa-apa yang mazmumah dalam hati. Macam pisang yg makin membusuk, begitu juga hati.

p/s: found dis story from

cm best...buat peringatan untuk diri sendiri...^_^

Thursday, May 14, 2009

stupid template!!!!!!! tibe2 terajin nak tukar template blog always gave me headache...tu la...ble org kate buta IT xmo ngaku...bajet sungguh saye ini...hahaha i want to make it pretty...syok sket nak bace...eventhough the entry is meaningless...haha so sowie k...nuthing much going on to talk about...later maybe...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

adik,mane pause button kt remote ni??? huhu

sounds weird??!

firstly, fyi back at my house in Indonesia me and Hanim doesn't own a TV...takkan nak bli kot...the allowance we had is for books and needies like food and etc that if u can't buy it, you will die..hahaha a bit hyperbola..hahaha so, to fill our so called free time, is either we went out to the one and only mall that can be found in Jatinangor or sit back , relax and watch movie by using our lappy... fyi, pirated DVDs in Indonesia are very cheap.. so no wonder most of us has a box full of it... some of you may say, just download it from the internet..well, we can but the connection was never good enough for us to be satisfied every time we were surfing the net...

so, back to my real like im talking about world problem...sorry for the merepekness.... wwweee!!! O_0
everytime i want to take sumthing from the kitchen to nibbles along while watching the movie, of coz i'll pause the movie first then went to grab whtever i want to take at the first place... then back again at my comfy bed, and continue watching..that's mostly my routine...bowink kn??? huhu
so,back at home here in Malaysia, one night, my family and I watch this movie together... at some point i felt so thristy so i decided to drink some water at the grabbed the remote control from my younger know why???? guess la...hahaha
i was searching for the pause button on an ASTRO remote control!!!!!!!!! i was so fustrated when i couldn't find i went," adik,my pause punyer button kt remote nih??!!!" then all my family go, "HUH?!" then only i realized, im watching the movie on the TV and not from my lappy....wooo~ silly me.... @_@