Thursday, December 24, 2009


My diary has gone..what a bummer.. im heartbroken like seriously… it has all my memories from the first day im here.. is not that I don’t remember what I wrote in it.. felt sad bcoz now I couldn’t read thru it whenever I felt like one..huhu so… there is nothing I could do other than to start over… so here it goes… today I felt happy… blessed… dizzy?( this occurred after all the fun things happen) I actually didn’t realized that im surrounded with good people… the ones that I already knew for years or even the ones that I just met… what a shame on me for having to notice it know.. but im proud of myself to finally realized it before it’s too late… the people might come and go…. They might forget you (wish I hope not)... all I need to bare in mind that they are there in your life leaving what so called memories which couldn’t be erased unless you got dementia..haha joking~! (an apple a day keeps dementia away..try!!) They taught you something… makes you laugh… be there when you need them.. makes you sad… (this could be for both good and bad reasons..=p) even if you meet them just for a split second…(here me exaggerating..haha) so people… I might not say it directly to you… but THANK YOU..

P/s: not sure whether the title suitable or not for this post.. it just popped out..haha

Thursday, December 3, 2009

caught up in the blizzard of 'boring'ness

phm x tajuk itu??? phm2 je la kan.. i suppose to write this starting from last week...coz it was when it all started..(pergh...bunyi cm severe~!)

every TUESDAY we got the whole day for lectures..continuously from 7am until 3.30pm (it never been full pon actually...we only end up waiting for hours for the lecturers to come)..ade la break kt tgh2 tue utk mkn n solat of coz.. okies..our dearest Dr.D decided to teach PHOP( things abt public health..yada..yada..yada..buerkk!) for 2 hours str8 when it should be for only 1 hour..then Dr.H in for another 1 hour for a conclusion... 1st week is 2 hours for PHOP..the next week, 2 hours for sucks ok!! this is wht i do to avoid the boringness in both of these lectures...

PHOP- ok..Doc dah mp3 dlm bag...sumbat earphone cpt2...sorok bwh tudung...hehe pasang lagu kuat2...bukak notebook..salin starting a new job people!! cartoonist on the go!!!! hehe tgk mulut doc gerak2...kelakar...budget khusyuk dgr die bercerita...haha ampun the end of the lecture, one page of my book filled with lots and pots of sketches...comic strip.. and many more...wink*

CRP- same habit also...but if it the lecture was done in the computer lab...first thing...internet...hehe tp kdg2 doc saje dengki..tutup connection..woo~! xpe...g kt start menu...GAMES...yeay!!! tibe2.. "miss,do you want to study or play games?" Dr.A tegur dr blakang..terkezut makcik...mule la tersipu2...kuang3...okeh..baek bos..saye nak concentrate skarang...picit2 nombor..masuk2 data..enter2... tkn F10 kalu dah siap..ok..relative risk die nie...significant value die nie...%%%%..hapak saye x n huda kecik trying to figure out cmne nak maen minesweeper..hahahaha ampun doc...

end of story...saye bahagie..ahaks~!