Saturday, June 19, 2010

i want it to be private!!!!!

i want to start writing again...coz i find it as a way for me to get away from my loneliness...the problem is..i don't want anybody to read it except for me...i do mean offense to my besties who kindly enough to spare their time reading my just...i want it to just be between me and the words...

Friday, January 15, 2010

drop dead frustrated!!! woo~!

why??!! why??! and another why??!!!
super junior is coming to malaysia for their 2nd asia tour concert but im stuck here with final exams!!!!!!!!!!!!! knape la x dtg bln 4 ke...bln 5 that time Insya-Allah saye sudah berada di msia...sedihnye....T______________T blank gle otak ble farah bgtau... kitorang menjerit sekuat2nye...biar 1 mulana dengar... sedih...sedih... saye tau saye patut focus terhadap exam...tapi.... nak jumpe suju jugak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sob..sob... can you imagine betapa sakitnye hati@liver kami.. the concert in on 20th of March...kitorang abis exam 22nd!!!!!!! arrghhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!TENSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!! me..heartbroken~! <3 SUJU!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

something finish and something just started~!

Salam…. Happy new year to all…. welcome 2010!!!!!! Probably they will be a lot of people who oredy listed their aims for the new year.. well..that is what I do every new year..but you know what? I didn’t do it this time around…hehe im so busy sleeping my days in and out.. didn’t even bother to think about it also.. the other reason is that usually I didn’t reached most of it..haha so, I guess…for this year, im just going to go with the flow…

every new year is special for my family and I because it is my mom’s bday…. This lovely lady of the house is 44 this year…mude lg mak saye..hehe love you so much mak!!!!muah2!!

okies...exam dah abis...what a relieve..though im not sure how well i did.. lantak la.. insya-Allah ok kot..think positive..haha what to do during the holidays??! im getting sick if i ever going to have to went through a severely boring holidays like the last one...woo~! im just an inch from become depressive..haha thank god i didn't.. slh sndiri sbnarnye.. bleh je nak study ke bese la..hehe
layan je la...berhibernasi...hehe