Monday, February 23, 2009


saye di'TAG' lagi oleh FAraHaiN..minah nie mmg xde keje laen..huhu

  1. ape name penuh kamu ?

2.ape maksud name kamu ?

  • ·nur=cahaya, diyana= keagamaan

3 3.ape name glamer yg kawan kamu pggil kamu ?

  • ·skula rendah= diyana....2 je yg snang...panggil nana kang sy xmo pandang...haha
  • ·skula menengah=piper..nickname yg senior bagi...from cte charmed...lekat dowh smpai skang...hehe
  • ·matrix = diyana pun ade..piper pun x ksh...

4.kamu sekolah rendah di mane ?

  • ·Sekolah Kebangsaan Desa Bakti(1995-1997)..(g skolah naek truck askar..hehe)
  • Sekolah Kebangsaan Panglima Adnan(1998-2000)..yg ni dekat gle ngan umah...jln kaki 5 minit..luv dis skool and all my frens here..

55.ape name kawan baik kamu di sekolah rendah n menengah ?

·sekolah menengah: amer, ili,sheila, ain, ekin, yath, kay, tati....ramai lagi...coz i luv them all..weee!!!!

sekolah rendah:liyana(nie kembar saya ye...), fazrul,najib,maryam,wani...sheila,ili,tati,syamila,shida,izzah,intan...ala..ramai sgt...x larat nak taip..miss u guys so much!!!!!!!!!!!!

66.kamu sekolah menengah di mane ?

  • ·Sekolah menengah sains tuanku ja'afar,Kuala Pilah,N9..kt dpn skolah ade kandang lembu...penyambut tetamu x bergaji..hehe

77.pengalaman kamu yg paling kamu ingat mase sekolah rendah ?

  • ·kena cubit kt perut sebab bergaduh dlm kelas...hehehe cubit yg cm pulas tu tau..aka kene piut..cakit(T_T)

8 8.perkara memalukan yg kamu alami semasa sekolah rendah

  • ·same seperti di atas.
  • ·time tue darjah 3..saye dilantik menjadi penolong pengawas sesi petang...cikgu umum time meeting prefect satu prefect dr darjah 2-6 sumer ade...saye sgt nervous and end up tersasul byk gle... malu!!!!!

99.tempat faverit kamu di sekolah ?

  • ·semua area kt dlm SKPA...coz each site have its own memory..
  • ·kt sekolah menegah plak..Hostel....lots and pots of crazy stuffs happens here...dewan makan, sebab jasa makcik DM tu la aku leh idop selama 5 thn di STJ tercinta..

110.cikgu yang paling kamu ingat mase sekolah rendah, dan kenapa ?

  • ·cikgu Saadiah...sbb die yg piut saye..huhu tp die sgt la baek sebenarnye...
  • Puan Salina...cikgu sains, netball and cikgu gle...
  • saye x ingat name cikgu ni ajar math..n die org Sikh..die suke tulis CUAI!!!!!!!!!!! kalu slh wat keje...

111.mata pelajaran feverit ?

  • ·English

1 12.mata pelajaran yg dibenci ?

  • ·matematik(memang xleh go la..) n kajian tempatan(cikgu ensem la tp..hehe)

1 13.sukan yang pernah kamu ceburi mase sekolah ?

  • ·netball
  • ·lumba lari
  • taekwondo

114.kalau di beri peluang, kamu ingin kembali ke tahun persekolahan yg mane ?

  • ·form 1-5 kot... from here i learned to live my own life...

dis tag is now pass down to:

1) adie
3)cik rye
5)wan..if u read my blog..

Friday, February 20, 2009

SaYE YanG NAkaL ('',)

Hye…I have a confession…juz wanna say sorry to my friends…one is PO-G, my group member and CHIECHIE.. last Monday, we had a laboratory activity where we were using frog as the specimen… we want to check the effect of adrenaline towards blood vessels by checking it from the frog's tongue…but first we need to paralyzed the frog by drilling a hole in its head using a screwdriver-like thingy, then push it towards the vetebrae...i felt sorry for the frog actually...nape la x pengsankn je...coz we did that, the frog will end up dead oso...sorry to Mr.Froggy...for your info, we need the frog to be alive for the test..Proudly saying, for my group, i'm the one who did tell you the truth, i was so damn scared..not the drilling part but i'm afraid that the frog will jump at me when i try to take it out from the jar...huhu i did itsuccessfully though w/out blood splattered onto my lab coat..woosshh..wht a relieved...

the main point is...both of my friends above were afraid of frog..huhu I decided to play around…just to tease PO-G.. hehehe but accidentally I made CHIECHIE afraid too… I noticed that I probably when overboard cause she was crying..i felt so horrible…dats me not knowing when to stop fooling around... addition, i had also put the frog into PO-G's bag afterwards but BTEE took it out coz xnak bersubahat...BRAVO TO BTEE!!! but I already apologized to both of them…. But then I need to take precaution so that it won’t happen again… I know that I shouldn’t be fooling around too much…woo~ sorry again guys!!!

p/s: actually it was so fun seeing PO-G running around the lab.. trying to avoid me and the frog…hahaha he is a big guy..chubby actually…so it was cute!!!! ^_^ jgn perasan ye po-g...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


~I have been tagged by my dearest crazy fren here it goes...woosshh...

Tag 1..

1.7 ciri lelaki idaman saya

- kind

- more sensible than me...coz i want him to lead me to the right way..

- handsome??? not sure...coz when u are in love...u won't even notice if he has a big mole on his cheek...hahahaha juz joking=p

- a whole ok??

- a person wbo i can talk to

- luv me for who i am is the most important i think...

2.7 lelaki yang pernah saya minati [cinta?]

~to be honest with u..panjang list nie..haha this question is more towards one-sided love huh?? i list down the most memorable ones je la ye...

> time kt skolah coz ade yg knal..his cute,kind,funny...and he gave me a bracelet tau..time tue br darjah 5..hehe cinta berbalas ok??! die yg approach dulu..wink*

>time skolah menengah plak..he is a year older je...macho gle seriously!!!hahaha i admire him for a quite long time i think...but no progression ye...wooo~

>still time skolah menengah...i called him my closet poet..hehehe dunno much about him actually...never had a real conversation with him at skool dulu...huhu

>at matrix plak...i like this guy...not like fall in love or sumthing like dat.. it juz i like to tease him coz he is the quietest of the bunch of boys...hahaha

3.7 perasaan sekiranya keluar dengan orang yang diminati [cinta?]

>probably blush during every seconds of the date...hahaha

>complete silence or shall i say loss of words..

>not being cute at all...i juz sucks at dat!!!

>i wish the world stop spinning...hehehe

4.7 tempat istimewa yang ingin dilawati bersama orang yang tersayang

> AROUND THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5.7 barangan/sesuatu istimewa yang mungkin dihadiahkan buat orang tersayang

> ermmm....susahnye...a watch maybe..

6.7 Lagu yang anda nyanyikan untuk orang tersayang

>love song la of coz...hehehe can't think of one la rite now...

7.7 thing about the person that TAG u..

>a friend, whom i enjoy and appreciate her company...luv u gurl!!! ^_^

Tag 2, same rules like above ..

1. Take a recent CUTE photo of yourself.2. Don’t change anything, edit or whatever.3. Post that photo.4. Post this instructions with the photo.5. Tag 7 people to do this.


to these lucky people...this tag is calling u out loud!!! haha



3)Mira Noor..if u read my blog of coz..


5)Cik Rye..


7)sape yg rase nak wat silakan....('',)

p/s: for boys..tukar la soklan tue ye...kang pelik plak jadinye...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

MeRePek JerK??!!

To early for another post huh?? Well…wht can u say…when sumthing come up to ur mind is better to quickly write it down or else it will be stuck in ur head forever…rite now all im thinking was it is actually hard for us to find true frens… though u said that A is ur besties or u even have a grup of besties…for me im not sure they really are my besties… for example, my frens n I Have been besties since we were in high skool… supposedly it should be 8 of us…but now im not really sure…woo~ it is not about them actually, all the thinking is about me…am I a good fren for them??? I can’t be with them when they need some1 to lean on…moreover, we were all far separated now… bz with our own life….last time we met was on December 2007…miss them so much…

but for now, all u can have is the frens dat are around u.. it is them whom u care about or even talk to when u have problems…. I really wanted to appreciate the frenship I have now… not wanting for it to be destroyed by anything… all the TWP 07/08 gurlz n boyz… I really truly love u guys…. Dunno how I can portray this…but I do hope dat we can be frens for as long as possible… moreover, it will be only u guys faces n craziness dat I will be seeing for the next 4 years to come…hahahaha I know it is hard for myself to open up my heart to everyone… well, as time flies… I’ll try my best…fix my flaw… cut down all the trashy talk about someone else.. my deepest apologies utk sape yg terase… im not perfect ok??? And whoever say dat they didn’t do those kind of talk are a complete liars!!!!! Hahahaha juz joking..=p coz I don’t want to end up graduating ‘alone’ if u know wht I mean…

so, enuf with ‘merepek’ness… got work to do… medical student always have stuff to do…flipping pages after pages of those freakingly thick books…. Hahahaha tipu saja… dats not me ok???? In my schedule, the most important thing is….JENG3… SLEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I seriously have to stop or else I will end up writing nonsense thing even more… ja ne!!!!!

MeRePek JerK??!!

Sashiburi ne???? ohaiyo….. well not much happen to me lately..same old, same old me… moving on with my life…still having the same probs…money especially… but then my house rental money part have been settled…both me n anim had paid our parts just recently.. I gain weight!!!!!!!!! Dunno know how to loose it though…. I try to do exercises at the evening but class really makes me tired n sleepy so all I wanted to do is sleep …. I Eat more than I should…huhu I think I’ll start with bringing not much extra money to class.. so dat I wont be able to g o to canteen I buy stuff to eat… eat less LIPID-full foods and more fruits…hahaha I oredy start on dat …. Eat less spicy food coz just recently I had to go to clinic due to pelvic pain…I thought it was appendicitis so dats why I go… so the doc ask me to less it up a bit… now,wht I wanted so badly is to have internet connection at my house… Im getting sick of having to go to bale net n sit there for 3 hours or even more just to surf internet….stupid padma!!!!! I dunno when they actually gonna respond….is not like they didn’t have my number which I oredy gave them like 1 week ago… well…dah give let it be…it might be good for myself…but then I will become so bored at home..coz rite now my DVD player didn’t work… need money to get it fix which I don’t have rite now… so I juz kept repeatedly watch cartoon KAT-TUN to entertain myself which i oredy hafal wht happen in each n every episodes..huhuhu they are my only source… nak borrow hanim’s lappy..she wanted to use oso.. my life rite now is all about BORINGNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanted to go somewhere n have fun but no money…can’t afford to spend money recklessly anymore…woooo~ I try to save 500 Rp pr day..but it only last almost a month… coz rite now angkot fee is not 1500Rp anymore…the petrol price has went down so we only need to pay 1000 RP…heehehehe serve them rite… lastly…is about the issue of the Palestinians… I dunno wht to believe anymore… medias sometimes can be just a bunch of lies… all we can do is pray for them..n hoping that the war will stop soon… i don’t know wht Israel want so badly… n how barbarian they are n I felt sick towards those who didn’t see just how bad they are…. There are few things dat we can avoid buying to cripple the economy of Israel … like McD, KFC, n lots n pots of other things… most of it we use it or like it… we can stop it gradually… as for me… I try to stop going to KFc…n I hope I can do the same to McD ….dats all I guess… get bored oredy…. Later maybe… cho kimochi watta…. Hehehehe

Ur dearest KAT-TUN freak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!