Friday, November 28, 2008

A LesSon Worth 2 RemeMbEr!!!

i was feeling down recently...bcoz of the most important things for a student who are under scholarship or foundation or wateva...MONEY!!!!! it is probably not a big deal for some of us since they have additional scholar provided by PA&MA..fhm kan ape??hehehe well not for me tho... ok back to the problem guys...
supposely,every month around 20-22nd of dat month..duit dah msuk... paling lmbt pun 25th la...but dis month...we got it sooooooo LATE!!! why???? first i didn't know what was the causative agent..i was so down bcoz nak bli kasut la...don't have one...all my shoes dah rosak..x byk pun tau..3 pairs only ye(attention 2 sape2 y byk kasut tue,borrow bley??hehehe) end up i had to wear my shoe dat have about 1 n 1/2 inch heel (Ihate heels!!!!!!!!) i prefer wedges tho..ekeke so not comfortable..since during classes u have to move around quite a lot..n moreover, im not so ladylike..lmh lembut n wat so eva not.... so pity me la kan...=(
ok...actually dah byk menyimpang ni...all i have to say is dat we need to be could be d problem for us which we thought so hard..but think again there are other people who were suffering a lot worse than us...i end up saying to's ok...sabar la..esok msuk la tue...( I actually smpat berkabung kejap..sdey lorr) Allah nak test je...kuat x thn mslh ni...kejap je..lek2..(bermonolog sndiri ye..)
all of a sudden, my fren dayang came to my haus..i asked her to check my account for me later dis evening....duit dak msuk lorr...alhamdulillah... Im not thinking of going shopping for shoes only ye.. I need dat money to pay d rent of my haus..books, since we've entered the new sems..byk tau..
juz wanna say sowie to anim bcoz during the 'berkabung' period...i was quite fuzzy n irritable...i didn't mean to be like dat..woo~thanx to Farah..coz sudi dgr n tmn I membebel pasal dis prob..hahaha
so....wht happen tomorrow?????
BANDUNG HERE WE COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

PiTy Isma~

Yesterday at around 4am..
while im busy surfing the net...buglars broke into one of my fren's haus...
diorang tgh tgk bola kt x perasan...ISma's room is,susah la nak dgr pape...the buglars took away his laptop n PSP (which he bought it with his own money!!!) ciannye...i didn't know until later dat morning in class..
they said the buglars probably oredy aim d haus for a while..coz they managed to broke the window without making some serious noise..dasat2...
lucky he was upstairs..coz if he was in the room,the buglars might hurt him or anything..
i hope dat it won't happen again..Pak PoLisi lakukan tugas anda!!!!!


SaYe BOwinK la..
SO nAK MeRePEK Je...
Nak G BanDunG..ShopPing 4 Shoes ( SeriOusLy nEeDed!!)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


tick..tick ..tick..
i saw the raindrops outside my window
every splash makes music
dear to my ears, i follow the flow..

i felt like the flowers are screaming with joy
with the shimmering crystal of the raindrops
He poured His love to us all
feeling so grateful wishing it won't stop

raindrops came knocking on my windows
don't be sad coz sun will shines thru ur sorrow
n don't hesitate, it might be ur call
to live the life as beautiful as the rainbows....

p/s: it was me tgh berangan...LOL 0_o

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


knowing others makes you a wise man,
but knowing yourself, makes you an enlightened man.

well...i get dis quote from one of fren's blog.. (cube teka sape??) ermm..he wrote dat he doesn't quite get the difference between wise man n enlightened man..

dis is my knowing others..yes u do become wise..u learn many new things from people.good and even bad things.n knowing urself means u noe wht u want..u also noe which one is good to urself despite the affection the things might gave u (for example going shopping..hehehe) n
have more awareness about urself n from dat point..u can change urself in becoming a better person ..dat's the big point i think..

well..mcm merepek je wht i juz said..because to teel the truth..i did some thinking about dis before..but rite now i juz can't seem to blurt it out..i guess it juz for me to figure it out on my own..

n some words are do better to be left unwritten...(awat cm phening je ayt ni?? 0_o)

Monday, November 24, 2008

wHeRe To??!

i got a almost 2 weeks holiday this december...most of my frens went home...i chose not to coz baru je blik for raye..xkn nak blik lagi...d gap is to short..not worth not dat i didn't miss my family...but the cost is toooooo expansive.. dat's why is not worth it.. i have planned to go jalan2..about 2 months ago, my frens n I actually plan to go to Bali..but when we think back, going to Bali for this SHORT holiday is tiring,wasting time n oso money... we have 2 either going there by bus or plane..

~24 hours in the bus on our way to Bali n back to Bandung..
~d places dat we can visit odw are not very appealing to me..huhu

~rm1200 is needed...don't have dat much money in my pocket rite now..if so,i prefer to buy books..daa..dats my priority rite??

so....end up we decided to go to jakarta...n...other places are still in consideration...hehehe

* BoGoR- got a safari there

* PanGanDaRan- a beach...oredy went there on August..

* JogJaKarTa- some of the candi are under construction d scenery jd x cantik..huhu
* erm...mane lg yek????

Saturday, November 22, 2008

im so not good in dis....

im trying to change d layout for my blog...i juz wanna make it look nicer...but i dunno wht went wrong coz it failed to be saved...huhu should i blamed the wireless connection for being a tortoise @ d website itself??? i don't blame me self coz i know i did it according to d instruction....hehe

So FrUsTRaTeD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

d grudge inside me...

there is actually one guy, a senior whom i hate so much..long cut it short was dat he scolded me during the orientation week in front all of the other students accusing me to be rude to his stupid gurlfren (i think she's deaf oso..=p) which i didn't..n he never apologized...wht a stupid stuck-up senior!!huhu i don't even want to called him a senior bcoz he doesn't deserve my respect.. try to forget about it so badly but keeping it inside neva make me feel better either..n for me to forget it is by not seeing his face anywhere around..
but all of a sudden,after a long time..2 days ago, accidentally we were in the same angkot (the public transport here in Bandung..more like a van tho..) i sat so near to him..i don't know whether he remember me or not.. but i started to get all fierce up.. thinking dat this is my payback time.. i lost control of my hand n almost about to punch him!! seriously!! glad dat my frens were there..they calm me down by making things funny..( thanx to Hanim,Farah n Dayang..) they really save me from doing the stupid thing n creating a bigger mess..coz u know even though i hate him so much..but by doing that didn't really solve the problem well..
i juz hope dat he realized what he had done was wrong..n before accusing anyone, get the real story first..ask both sides..but if I ever hear dat he have done the same thing to other junior..i'll kick his ass seriously dis time!!! wakakakakaka

Monday, November 17, 2008

new sem....wooo=[

today is the second day of my 4th sem... dermatomusculoskeletal system...hahaha didn't quite prepared actually since I juz finish the final exam last week..they are so mean...can't u give us a break..3 days only???? tell me wht i can do within 3 days.... sleeping thru out the day to replace the time for sleeping during the exam period oredy took me 2 days..hahahaha i went swimming with my friends.... hangout at the nearest shopping mall...going crazy...there are actually nuthing much in this mall....but wee managed to be there for the whole day...still thinking wht have we done dat day...well....according to my plan before the exam finish..i want to go to Kota myself some shopping..not much probs always followed after dat..wooo... but mostly i juz didn't want to be at home becoz my room was in serious mess...hahahaha so many things to read but so lil i end up having books spread around in my room...i even sleep with books...dear beloved lecturers, give me good results..can u see how hard i strive for dis exam??!!!^_~ i hope i did well though....

Saturday, November 15, 2008


blog is like diary but the difference is dat everybody else can read it....u can even give be is not going to be really down n dirty i shall say..but im gonna give it a try..not sure wether i can keep up or not..depends on time management( dis is my weakness!!)

looking at the bright side..dis is a way u want to say wht u want to say when u can't say it out loud..thought it might hurt somebody or probably nobody will nuthing to say for the time i'll start later...let me make a list of wht im gonna write about...maybe i'll become a writer someday...i wonder..^_^

so gudbye for now...~