Wednesday, January 6, 2010

something finish and something just started~!

Salam…. Happy new year to all…. welcome 2010!!!!!! Probably they will be a lot of people who oredy listed their aims for the new year.. well..that is what I do every new year..but you know what? I didn’t do it this time around…hehe im so busy sleeping my days in and out.. didn’t even bother to think about it also.. the other reason is that usually I didn’t reached most of it..haha so, I guess…for this year, im just going to go with the flow…

every new year is special for my family and I because it is my mom’s bday…. This lovely lady of the house is 44 this year…mude lg mak saye..hehe love you so much mak!!!!muah2!!

okies...exam dah abis...what a relieve..though im not sure how well i did.. lantak la.. insya-Allah ok kot..think positive..haha what to do during the holidays??! im getting sick if i ever going to have to went through a severely boring holidays like the last one...woo~! im just an inch from become depressive..haha thank god i didn't.. slh sndiri sbnarnye.. bleh je nak study ke bese la..hehe
layan je la...berhibernasi...hehe